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Voting Rights

Two of EBAA’s working principles are:

  • Working for fair and democratic representation, such as putting an end to gerrymandering, protecting and expanding voting rights, and doing voter registration drives

  • Helping to enfranchise communities of color and other marginalized groups who often encounter voter suppression tactics.


Reclaim Our Vote

We fully support Reclaim Our Vote (ROV), a project of the Center for Common Ground. ROV fights voter suppression and empowers voters of color.

  • Hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions - of voters of color have been purged from voter rolls, de-registered, and disenfranchised by gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics.

  • There are eligible voters of color who live in states that have long histories of voter suppression. Reclaim Our Vote has a brilliant strategy for directly engaging them, especially those who live in communities that have been overlooked by conventional campaigns.

  • ROV has built powerful partnerships with such groups as the NAACP, Black Voters Matter, VoteRider, DemLabs, Mi Familia Vota and others, leveraging emerging opportunities in order to maximize outcomes.

  • ROV understands the importance of building a lasting base within communities of color.

  • ROV is volunteer-driven and nonpartisan.

Please help fight voter suppression. Join us in supporting Reclaim Our Vote

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