EBAA offers peer-to-peer texting opportunities for our candidates as well as other efforts that are aligned with our voting rights work and in our target states.  Activists can learn how to have persuasive conversations over text and gather data from voters that is critical to campaigns’ field strategies and complements their canvassing, calling and postcarding plans.  

How it works

Texting is done from special software you can access from your web browser or an app that you download to your device.  Voters don’t see your phone number when you text them. Some texting campaigns require proficient use of Slack to interact with volunteer administrators, and a quiz that you must pass in order to participate in a textbank. (Lots of our volunteers pass on the first try.) Texters who participate in trainings and take the time to learn how to use the various software programs will find their investment useful to advance to more complex and interesting texting campaigns over time. 

Get Involved

EBAA’s newsletter provides tips each month on texting efforts our activists can sign up for on their own. EBAA’s Texting Team holds monthly texting parties that may range from a social gathering for folks who like to text together to an intensive training for beginning texters to get up to speed. Look for RSVP links to these parties in our monthly newsletter or by clicking the calendar button below. The Texting Team also offers consultations and training to organizations who want to start their own texting programs, and support to individuals who need additional help to become proficient at texting.

We look forward to seeing you at a party (once we can gather again) or hearing your ideas or questions. Reach out to the Texting Team any time. Email us HERE.

Phonebanks, textbanks, postcard parties, and everything else we do are posted on the NorCal Blue calendar.