5 Ways to Take Action

Take Action! Review our 5 tactics and choose how you want to help the Blue Wave gain a majority in state legislatures and impact to up-ballot races, so that we can ultimately have a Democratic majority in the U. S. Congress and propel a Democrat to the White House in November.


*During the COVID-19 crisis all our tactics will be virtual and can be done from the safety of your home.

Phonebanks, textbanks, postcard parties, and everything else we do is posted on the NorCal Blue calendar.



Our phonebanks are on fire! We’re helping build the Blue Wave by supporting specific campaigns in our targeted swing states: Michigan, North Carolina and Arizona.

We’re also calling people whose votes have been suppressed, particularly citizens of color in states where voter suppression is rampant, so they can
reclaim their voting power before November.

Click through to find out more and decide when you can help. When you RSVP, directions for virtual participation will be sent to you.

Contact our Phonebank team HERE



Fundraising is an essential component of every campaign. Early money allows candidates to hire staff and create a strong foundation. Consistent fundraising enables campaigns to connect with voters in multiple ways.

During the quarantine, our motto is ‘pivot and persevere.’ Learn more about our virtual gatherings and outreach. 

Our once-and-future events allow us to create community while wine tasting, making tamales, or playing trivia, all while enjoying good company. Events that feature live video chats with our candidates are both exciting and personal. They show us the real humans behind the campaigns, drive home EBAA’s relationship to our candidates, and show that our work is appreciated. All proceeds go directly to our candidates and voting rights partners.

Contact our Fundraising team HERE



Texting is a fun way to get the word out about voting, advocate for issues, and support our EBAA candidates. Peer-to-peer (P2P) texting has exploded in popularity, and we expect over a billion such texts will be sent in 2020. 


Advantages of P2P texting include:

  • An increase in voter turnout of 1-3%

  • A higher read-and-response rate than emails 

  • A higher penetration rate than phone calls

  • Lower cost than canvassing

  • Flexible use, such as recruiting volunteers, registering voters, persuasion, supporter identification, GOTV reminders, and more

  • As compared to phonebanking and canvassing, volunteer texters have time to research and prepare high-quality responses to voter questions before replying to a text

  • Texting can be done remotely with a laptop or phone

  • And did we mention, it’s fun!

Contact our Textbank team HERE



High-quality, face-to-face conversations with citizens, urging them to vote, is the most effective way to turn out voters, and canvassing has been one of our greatest strengths. EBAA has sent 83 canvassers to other states in the last three years. Seven of those eight candidates clinched an election victory, most of them flips from red to blue. Our plans this year involve sending canvassers and campaign workers to Michigan, North Carolina and Arizona. Although these operations have been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19, watch this space for updates.

Contact our Canvassing team HERE



Writing postcards to voters is a fun and effective way to reach: 

  • People who cannot be contacted by phone.

  • Infrequent voters who are being victimized by voter suppression tactics.

  • Voters who have been selected by a campaign for special attention.

Postcards are personal, fun, and can be done in congenial parties or individually while watching TV or monitoring kids during the COVID-19 quarantine. 

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