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Central Valley Matters:
Spring Into Action Fundraiser

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Empower Central Valley Communities

  • Thursday, April 28

  • 5:00 – 6:00pm Pacific Time 

Hear from people living in the Central Valley about how they are helping their communities make their voices heard.

Learn about the groups supported by Central Valley Matters, including

  • Valley Voices (Kings County)

  • Valley Forward Action Fund (Tulare County)

  • Dolores Huerta Action Fund (S. Kern County)

  • Delano Guardians (N. Kern County)

and learn how you can help these groups continue the growth of ​activism in the Central Valley.



We are still making calls from home, with training and camaraderie offered via Zoom. Often in partnership with Sister District CA-3, we are calling Virginia both for candidates and to help citizens reclaim their active voter status for this November and beyond.


We’re here to help. Please click through to learn more and decide when you can pitch in. When you RSVP, directions for virtual participation will be sent to you.

Contact our Phonebank team HERE




Fundraising is an essential component of every campaign. 


The smart money is early money. Early money allows candidates to hire staff and create a strong foundation. Consistent fundraising enables campaigns to connect with voters in multiple ways. 


Our events allow us to create community while cheese tasting, sipping scotch, or making bagels, all while enjoying good company for a good cause. Events that feature live video chats with our candidates and grassroots leaders are both exciting and personal. They show us the real humans behind the campaigns, drive home EBAA’s relationship to our candidates, and show that our work is appreciated. 


All proceeds go directly to our candidates and voting rights partners.

Contact our Fundraising team HERE



Contacting voters by text message is efficient, effective, and easy to learn. At EBAA, we textbank to support our candidates, advocate for issues, help people register to vote, and get out the vote. 


These are just a few of the advantages of textbanking: 

  • Allows volunteers to take time to craft thoughtful, accurate responses to voters.

  • Reaches more people than phone calls.

  • Has a higher “open rate” than emails. 

  • Has been shown to increase voter turnout by 1 to 3 percent.

You use your own computer or mobile phone to textbank, but recipients do not see your personal phone number. 

We like to meet up to send texts, because it lets us learn together, support each other, and socialize. But you can also text independently. Either way, we’ll teach you how. 

Contact our Textbank team HERE

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High-quality, face-to-face conversations with citizens, urging them to vote, is the most effective way to turn out voters, and canvassing has been one of our greatest strengths.

The pandemic prevents us from sending canvassers and campaign workers to Virginia in 2021. We have plans to canvass in CA–21 in 2022 assuming COVID is under control. 

We look forward to the time we can be back knocking doors and meeting voters.

Contact our Canvassing team HERE



Sending postcards to voters is an effective way to reach out before an election.


Writers have a great opportunity to reach some important audiences:


  • Infrequent voters 

  • People who cannot be contacted by phone.

  • Voters of key demographics, e.g. newly registered voters, ages 18 – 30.


Write postcards from your kitchen table or even while watching TV. Hopefully we can return to postcard parties soon.


Our postcards target our candidates and important campaigns that support voting rights. We welcome your participation. Please let us know if you want to join our team, and how many cards you’d like to write.

Contact our Postcards team HERE