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Write for candidates, important campaigns to support voting rights. and other issues of national import with EBAA.

Write postcards with EBAA 

Contact our postcard team for addresses and scripts HERE

Scroll down for information about postcards and stamps.

EBAA is committed to getting our chosen candidates elected as well as supporting voting rights and fighting back against voter suppression tactics. 


In addition to postcard campaigns specifically for our candidates, recent projects include helping to restore voting rights to purged voters as well as engaging citizens to support the For the People Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act in key states across the country. 


Sometimes a written note is the only way to reach a voter who may have been purged from the rolls.

Postcard Supplies

You can order stamps or pre-stamped postcards online from USPS or purchase them at a post office in your community.

Postcard sources: 

For beautiful and very affordable postcards, we have two locations where you can pick-up in Berkeley, plus one each in El Cerrito and North Oakland. Contact us for details. 

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