• carlmason00

Tuesday 3PM Phonebank Team

The Tuesday 3PM Phonebank Team is now up and running. Through the end of June, we'll be teaming up every Tuesday with the Sister District CA-3 chapter -- a genial group of like minded folks who are also supporting our Virginia House of Delegates candidates, Nancy Guy and Alex Askew.

When our local public health authorities OK it, we'll be meeting in person but for now our phonebanks will all be over zoom. Email us at EBAAphonebank@gmail.com and our phonebank lead, Aidan Cecchetti, will make sure you have the information you need to join our phonebanks. Phonebanking together (even over zoom) is much more fun and satisfying with a team of friends. We encourage each other and share tricks and the enthusiasm that grows with each victory.

You can sign up on the phonebanking page -- or send email to EBAAphonebank@gmail.com and we'll get you started.