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Mid-March 2020 Newsletter

Don't Let COVID-19 Stop Your Activism*

"It may seem callous to think about politics in the midst of a pandemic that has millions of Americans secluded at home and wondering if they’ll see their next paychecks. But President Trump’s fumbling and flawed response to coronavirus is a reminder that elections have consequences that can be devastating and deadly. This is not just any election year—it’s perhaps the most important election in American history, and Democrats cannot ignore the politics of the moment." Dan Pfeiffer, Pod Save America

We find ourselves in historic times. While social distancing may feel isolating, the work we do is all about reaching out to voters across America, and connecting. We have a plan on how to keep doing that.

We’ve selected our first candidates and  are finding ways you can fight the good fight from home. Phonebanks, textbanks, fundraising, postcarding – all our team captains have developed techniques you can use to continue participating. We don’t have time to wait.

We have a shared commonality of purpose. It’s time to take our country back from the dark side.

Here’s how our country, with Republicans in charge, stacks up in the current COVID-19 crisis.

Republicans think differently from Democrats about this emergency.


This means our state-level work is more important than ever.

Our way of working for state legislative candidates includes the fact that our activism will benefit up-ballot races including the U.S. Senate and the presidency. State houses establish voting rights, gun safety policies, fair re-districting commissions, and so much more.  And as the right tries to dismantle our federal government even as the current crisis points to the need for strength at the top, states have so much more responsibility for our safety, well-being, and our fundamental rights, as seen in NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s tweet to Trump:

Gaining Democratic control at the state level will make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. In Michigan, House Democrats introduced a bill package that would remove cost barriers to testing, treatment, and other COVID-19 costs, allow the creation of a pandemic outbreak fund, and urge Congress to provide Michigan with increased support. Shortly after, Michigan House Republicans voted on a resolution urging federal courts to reverse their decision on Healthy Michigan. Yes, in the midst of a global pandemic and a state of emergency, Michigan Republicans are fighting to take healthcare away from hundreds of thousands of people. 

These people cannot lead us. Now they are literally killing us. We must have new leaders.

We are close to flipping the Michigan House blue and we can do so with your support! With that, (drum roll please) introducing our first candidates who will help flip the Michigan State Assembly blue:

Padma Kuppa is running for re-election in District 41 (Clawson and Troy). EBAA supported Padma in 2018, when she won 51.3% of the votes cast. She has worked to promote paid sick leave in Michigan, equal pay for equal work, prescription drug cost reform and her core issue, education. She has already been named Michigan’s Assistant Whip.

Laurie Pohutsky won her 2018 election in District 19 (Livonia) by just 224 votes, the slimmest margin in the state, making her a true “fragile hold.” Laurie is a microbiologist dedicated to bringing a scientific perspective to her core issues, including the environment, clean water, healthcare and increasing funds for education.

Julia Pulver, a nurse with over a decade of experience in patient advocacy and public health, is running to flip District 39 (in Oakland County) from red to blue. This suburban area of Detroit is a critical flip for Democrats to gain control of the state house. Julia will fight for clean water, education and gun reform, and supports universal healthcare, unions, and civil rights for women, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community. 

Read more about them and donate here.

Fundraising can’t stop.

Fundraising can’t stop.

We love our delicious fundraising gatherings, but the current crisis means we must pivot in how we raise essential funds. Inspired by allies in Massachusetts and our local Together We Will and Redwood Heights teams, EBAA is launching its own Giving Circle. Here’s how it works.

Every month, we provide you with a message that you distribute to your network of friends and family. Each message features a few candidates or voting rights organizations with a description of why these are good choices and what is important about their districts and states. You may send the email as is, just adding your signature, or you may personalize it. The message includes an ActBlue link where your network may contribute to all, some, or none of our recommendations.

Click here for a full description of this effective and germ-free fundraising effort. The commitment is modest but the need is imperative. Contact to get started.

There is so much to do, so be active in place!

Phonebanks have gone virtual. Your dog or cat will be thrilled as you phone from home with our online tools and scripts. Please sign up for a phonebank as usual and we will send you instructions on how to paticipate.

Postcards to disenfranchised voters:

Twenty million and counting have been disenfranchised by GOP tactics. We are trying to reach more than 1,000,000 disenfranchised Texans and people of color in other states as well. We have written to over 120,000 people from our small corner of the country but we still need more writers, especially those who are comfortable writing a few Spanish sentences. For addresses and scripts for postcards to disenfranchised voters please email Mary.

We will feature more postcard projects you can download from home in a few weeks.

As Eric Holder said recently, “These challenges may make our reform work more difficult, but certainly not impossible. All great movements face difficulties. Ours is no different. We will prevail.”

We couldn’t have said it better.  Please take care of yourself, your loved ones, and your community. Stay home, stay healthy and stay active. We need you more than ever.

With boundless gratitude from your EBAA Leadership Team

*Thank you SwingLeft East Bay, your email title was so perfect, we stole it.

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