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Looks like it’s gonna be a long, hot summer ...

June 2022 Newsletter

We all might be living with PTSD. A state of constant crisis is exhausting, especially with mass shootings, anti-vaxxers, supply chain shortages, inflation, MAGA vigilantes, and the Big Lie creating a sea of perpetual stress.

But along come both the January 6 Committee hearings and our triumphant Golden State Warriors, both offering hope. Keep a supply of popcorn and your beverage of choice on hand, lift your head high and keep fighting the good fight. We need your energy and commitment!



We sent 7,276 postcards and made hundreds (thousands?) of phone calls in support of Aimee Espinoza for Kern County Auditor-Controller-County Clerk. She faced MAGA challenger Mark McKensie who, if he won, was likely to employ voter suppression tactics and, as County Clerk, undermine the election process. We’re happy to inform you that Espinoza is comfortably ahead in the ballot count. We received these kind words from Linda, one of her campaign volunteers:

I want to thank you [EBAA] for your hard work on behalf of Kern County. Though all the votes are not counted yet, it is likely Aimee Espinoza will be the first Latina elected as Auditor-Controller-County Clerk. After yesterday's update she is still leading by 8.8%. There are 35 thousand more ballots to be counted.

I do believe without your help, the results would be different. Collectively, we directly reached 12,000 targeted voters. Thank you again for your hard work and for being true defenders of Democracy.

Your phone calls and postcards were key in helping to protect fair elections here at home in California. Many Democratic candidates in the upcoming November elections need you. Keep up the good work!



Despite California’s deep blue status, when it comes to Democratic control of the US House of Representatives, we are a swing state, with 9 key districts in play.

For the 2022 elections, California has the largest bloc of competitive Congressional seats in the country.

East Bay Activist Alliance has committed to two particular Congressional races in the Central Valley. We will be pulling out all the stops for Democrats Adam Gray (photo at left above) in CD-13 and Rudy Salas (photo at right above) to win in CD-22.

Some analysts rank CD-22 as a tossup. Some see CD-13 as equally dicey. So we have our work cut out for us. Please help us send these two fine candidates to Washington!



On Thursday, June 30, help register Democrats in CA-22 as well as in other swing states, including North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Texas. This is a “bring your own phone” text bank. You’ll need a bit of preparation and some tech savvy, but we know you’ve got it! Get the details and sign up here. Hit up our text banking team with your questions,



Sign up to canvass for Rudy Salas on Saturday, June 25 in Hanford. If you can’t make that date, canvassing is scheduled for every other Saturday up until the election. See the signup form for details. Lodging and carpool options are available.

Nevada is extremely vulnerable. In 2020, Trump lost there by only 3 points. Polling continues to indicate a toss-up for both incumbent Democrats — Senator Cortez Masto and Governor Sisolak. This is a must-win state if we are to have any chance of gaining Democratic seats in the U.S. Senate. Retaining both of these offices is essential to protect safe and legal abortions — and the future of our democracy.

Nevada is one of the few authentic swing states, and Washoe County is the swing county in Nevada. Canvass in Reno for 1–3 days, July 22–24. Email for more info or if you would like to carpool or have other questions, contact René.

We’ll be posting more actions soon.



East Bay Activist Alliance is writing cards supporting Mark Kelly for US Senate and Active Early Voting registration in Arizona. Their primary election takes place on August 2nd. Kelly will have a tight race in November, so let’s start plugging him now.

Arizona is a battleground state, with additional important contests for Governor, Secretary of State, etc. Holding onto Democratic gains in AZ will take a lot of work. Kelly is the strongest Democratic candidate on the scene and probably the best draw for boosting overall Dem turnout. Postcards can be mailed until July 22nd, so please sign up to write with us!

Email us for addresses and a script.

And now for something completely different…

Our alumna candidate Sen. Padma Kuppa has been doing a phenomenal job in Michigan. We have a special postcard campaign for her that will only require a handwritten message on a pre-printed card. Writers will need to pick up those cards and return them to sites in North Berkeley or Albany. Later, they will be addressed and mailed in Michigan. Individuals in EBAA will cover the postage to mail these cards for Padma, but if writers wish to contribute, you can slip some cash into your finished postcards when you return them, and we will gratefully accept your kind offering.

To request postcards for Padma, please email us.



Three of the most competitive Congressional seats in the nation are in the Central Valley. Voters must navigate nefarious voter restriction laws that Republicans have enacted in these counties. We are supporting local grassroots organizations committed to registering, educating, and motivating voters, especially among underserved populations. Delano Guardians, Valley Voices, and Valley Forward Action Fund are the beneficiaries of our first Giving Circle initiative via Central Valley Matters. To date, we have already raised over $35,000 for organizations this year. Read the full appeal and please share with your own circles. And of course feel free to donate once or twice, if not monthly. Every bit helps.



“Keep it Blue” Phone Banks to voters in Arizona, Nevada, or Kern & Kings Counties in the Central Valley are scheduled every Wednesday from 5:00-7:00 PM and Saturdays from 10:00 AM –12:00 noon, all Pacific time.

Senator Mark Kelly needs to remain in Washington and there are genuine possibilities of flipping both Arizona state houses blue, as the margins are so narrow. Everything political in AZ is on the table!

Call Voters on Native Lands in Arizona

Phone banks to Navajo, Hopi, and Apache voters provide updates on getting their family and community members registered to vote. These calls are important to ensure Native Democrats have all the information they need to register for mail-in voting, giving them an opportunity to triple their votes, and support Democrats up and down the ballot this fall. Sign up for future cultural competency trainings to make calls to voters on Native Lands in AZ.



Join the Brady Campaign and Team ENOUGH to march in San Francisco’s 52nd Annual Pride Parade on June 26th in Downtown SF. They will be marching with other great organizers at the front of the parade in the "Resistance Contingent," showing what it's like to lead from the front on issues of social justice. Please wear a purple, orange, or black top and RSVP.

Spanish for Activists Workshop

Do you speak Spanish and want to use your political activist skills to reach others? A Spanish for Activists workshop will be offered on Tuesday, July 19, from 4-6 pm PT. Learn strategies for engaging in meaningful conversations with voters who are most comfortable speaking Spanish, including phrases that communicate respect and help you earn voters’ trust. Sign up here.

Voter Outreach Training

In 2020, 34% of eligible voters did not vote. On Thursday, June 23, join the How to Connect with High-Potential Voters training session from 4-6 pm PT. Learn how to make “I don’t vote'' the beginning of the conversation, instead of the end, helping draw out “high-potential voters” and turning them into active voters. Sponsored by Mission for Arizona.

Take Five for Gun Control Legislation

Please take five minutes and call or email Senators Feinstein and Padilla to support the bipartisan gun bill that will be up for a final vote before the end of the week. Yes, of course, we think they both back the bill, but weighing in with your support is always a good idea.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein:

Email or call

SF: (415) 393-0707

DC: (202) 224-3841

Sen. Alex Padilla:

Email or call

SF: (415) 981-9369

DC: (202) 224-3553


Witnessing this month’s January 6 Committee hearings, we are all, once again, reminded of how fragile our democracy really is. The November 2022 elections will be crucial for our country, and we thank you for your courage, energy, and ongoing activism as we move forward together.

All our best,

The EBAA Steering Committee

(Peggy Scott, Newsletter Editor)

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