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January 2020 Newsletter

To vote or not get to vote; that is the question.

Welcome to 2020, the year of the disenfranchised Democrat. While it seems like we are hurtling toward November, there’s a great deal that can be done right now to support voting rights, to fight voter suppression and to ensure that everyone that can vote, gets the chance.

We seek your support in two main ways.

First, come one, come all to the

Big Tent planning Meeting

Saturday February 1st, 9:30 a.m. – 12 noon

Sports Basement, 2727 Milvia St. Berkeley

We will discuss strategy, big ideas and ask what you have learned while working on various campaigns. Then you can help affirm where EBAA will focus our energies for the 2020 elections. We start with statehouse races that will support the up-ballot federal campaigns that are so crucial. We have ideas about where to go (as in which states), but we want to hear about which races have captured your interest. 

Please bring your ideas and RSVP!  We're buying snacks and setting up tables. 

Please tell us if you can come, and bring your friends or the group that you already meet with if you have one. 

Second, please join our efforts below to fight voter suppression by calling and writing Democrats to ensure that they are registered and plan to vote. Help us assemble the volunteer lists that candidates will use.

This moment in history will never happen again. Please do what you can to help save our democracy. Now is a great time to plan our next 9 months and get to work right now.

These are the 5 fingers on our activist hand:

1. Phonebanking

2. Postcard writing

3. Fundraising

4. Textbanking

5. Canvassing (more information on that next month)

1. Phonebanks

We'll be calling voters and, depending on the list, encouraging them to register as Democrats or check their registration (in case they were purged) or asking them to volunteer on local campaigns. Whatever it takes to help stand up against Donald Trump! Phonebanking is easy and fun. We'll be with you every step of the way to answer questions and show you what to do. You’ll need to bring your mobile phone, earbuds with built-in microphone, a laptop or tablet (e.g. iPad) and, if you think you'll need them, charging cords and power adapters for your devices. Please join us at The Phonebank Table.


2. Postcards

Congratulations to all postcarders - you’re doing an awesome job. Reclaim Our Vote (see below) sent out 84,000 Dallas addresses to writers over the last several months; EBAA and local friends wrote to over 50,000 of those addresses!

Texas has one of the most virulent voter suppression schemes in the country. They have removed almost 1/3 of the voters from the rolls, primarily voters that live in African American and Latino communities. Texas is poised to turn purple in 2020 but we need to get everyone to the polls and that starts with making sure they are registered. Please tell Mary Trounstine how many addresses you would like. She has scripts in both English and bilingual Spanish/English.

Additionally, Postcards for America: California Events has written to over 44,000 voters from 2017-2019. They, plus Flip the West, Women Who Write, local Indivisibles and EBAA all agree that whether you write by yourself or with a group, whether to de-registered voters in TX or for candidates in VA, and no matter how many you've written, please know that YOU make a difference.

Please join us at The Postcard Table. Bring postcards, pens, stamps, fun stickers, and if you don't have supplies, you can pick up starter packets at-cost for $5.


If you love to write postcards, consider joining Women Who Writea group of 65 resistance postcard writers. They have been writing for more than two years and last year wrote over 20,000 postcards! No online links but weekly meetings happen three times per week at three different locations, and new writers are always welcome.


3. Fundraisers Meet Andrea Miller of Reclaim Our Vote, a game changer in the fight against voter suppression, at a fundraiser Tuesday, February 4 from  6-8PM at the Berkeley City College Auditorium (new larger venue), 2050 Center Street, Berkeley.  This volunteer-driven, nonpartisan and powerful new campaign was launched by the Center for Common Ground with the cooperation of the NAACP, Black Voters Matter, VoteRiders, DemLabs, Mi Familia Vota and other organizations.  Hundreds of thousands of voters of color have been purged from voter rolls, de-registered, or disenfranchised by gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics. ROV has a brilliant strategy for directly engaging eligible voters of color who live in swing states with long histories of voter suppression, and with communities overlooked by conventional campaigns.  Come learn about the 2020 plans for TX, NC, AZ, AL, GA, and other states.  All donations expand campaigns in communities of color in target states. Reclaim Our Vote is a 501(c) 3 organization and donations are tax deductible.

Sunday, March 8, 3-5PM,Make the Resistance Delicious: Chocolate! Alice Medrich, the First Lady of Chocolate, will once again school us in all things chocolate. Stay tuned for details here Save the date! Friday, April 17, 6-10PM,Big Dance Party featuring live music by the Beat Riders, Humanist Hall, Oakland. Proceeds to benefit EBAA candidates. Stay tuned for details here And our friends at Indivisible Berkeley invite you to come to a fundraiser to support the Tracy Democratic Club and help keep the Central Valley blue. Meet Congressman Jerry McNerney at the home of Roberta Brooks and Billy McDonald on Jan. 26 from 3-5PM. Ask for details and RSVP

4. Textbanking This month, if you are a textbanker, EBAA recommends checking out Resistance Labs and their award-winning Contest Every Race program that recruits Democrats in red and purple states to make sure no seat goes uncontested. Resistance Labs is launching texting to Georgia, Iowa and Arizona this month, as filing deadlines for 2020 elections approach. Sign up to become a volunteer texter with Resistance Labs. Resistance Labs uses Spoke to text and their training can be found here.

A bigger picture If you know anyone who wants to work full time on the Presidential campaign, Organizing Corps 2020 recruits first-time organizers and trains them in the skills they need to get a paid, full-time job working on the 2020 Democratic Presidential campaign and win up and down the ticket.They are offering paid trainings and providing an onramp to the Democratic presidential election in AZ, FL, GA, MI, MN, NC, PA, & WI. Help put a Democrat in the White House on November 3, 2020! More information and sign up here. If you are a gmail user you may find that some of our Action Network emails end up in your “promotions” folder, and if you are human, you might ignore that sometimes. In order to ensure you receive all our communications (such as a reply to your RSVP or ticket order) please add the following addresses to your contacts. 

info@eastbayactivistalliance.org info@actionnetwork.org info@email.actionnetwork.org We all hope to see you at our Big Tent on February 1st. Best wishes for a new President in 2020, Your EBAA Leadership Team

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