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Democrats *can* win in 2022, so let’s get to work!

August 2022 Newsletter

Graphs showing the electoral outlook for Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Senate

With a great deal of work by volunteers like ourselves, Democrats are slightly favored to win the Senate. Yes, by all means, get excited: now is the time to gain momentum and encourage others to help GOTV. The House projections are less-good news; many races are tight. Data nerds, mark these links and please note, this analysis is updated daily.

Here’s an intriguing evaluation of the impact of the Jan 6th hearings, with thanks to Mike Lux and the Bay Area Coalition.

Description of the impact of the House hearings on the January 6 insurrection

Some further thoughts on the midterms…

The pro-choice vote in Kansas may signal good news for Democratic candidates. News from the DOJ, New York, and Georgia about TFG’s (The Former Guy’s) legal woes is ongoing and – this just in – even worse than it was yesterday.

Even better, if Democrats manage to win two more seats in the Senate and hold onto the House, they may move forward on abolishing the filibuster which would grant the majority the ability to restore a woman’s right to choose under federal law, pass gun safety legislation and comprehensive immigration reform, take major steps to avert climate disaster, expand Medicare, protect voting rights, LGBTQ rights, workers’ rights…

We have work to do.

Let’s keep moving!

A photo of U.S. citizens in voting booths, with the caption "In 2018 and 2020 we won because we turned out to vote."

The entire Democratic agenda is massively popular and we can help push it forward. All we need is YOU on the front lines, volunteering to help elect Democrats. Recruit your friends and neighbors to join you! We’ve got a full menu of actions and events to choose from, as we dive into the months leading up to Election Day.

A photo collage of people doing door-to-door canvassing in California's Central Valley

Nothing beats canvassing. It’s the gold standard. Please join us if you can!

Canvass for Josh Harder in CD-9:

Door-to-Door Voter Registration in the Central Valley with Contra Costa Democrats, introducing voters to Rudy Salas for Congress CD-22 on Saturdays in August, September and October. Lodging and carpool options are available.

We hope to feature canvassing for Adam Gray in the new CD-13 in September and October when the weather has cooled off a bit. The northern part of CD-13 is not a long trip, just a bit farther than Tracy.

A wine bottle, glass of red wine, and grapes


You are invited to a special benefit for Nevada Assemblywoman Brittney Miller. This Wine Tasting for a Blue Win in Nevada is on Sunday, August 21, 4:00–5:30 PM. The event will take place in a beautiful backyard in Oakland’s Redwood Heights District. 100% of your donation goes directly to Campaign for Brittney Miller to help grow the electorate in this 2022 battleground state. RSVP (Address provided upon registration.)

Congressional candidate Rudy Salas greets preschool students

Support Rudy Salas for CD-22 in California’s Central Valley. This is one of the tightest races for Congress in the country. Democratic voter registration is high but turnout tends to be low. Let’s send Rudy to Washington!

Portrait of Eva Burch, candidate for Arizona state senate.

Join us in supporting Eva Burch for Arizona State Senate, SD9. Republicans have a slim 16–14 majority in the state Senate, and this race is one of our best hopes for helping to flip that chamber. Eva is a nurse practitioner who passionately supports affordable, accessible healthcare for all and is endorsed by Planned Parenthood of Arizona.

Neighbors for Progressive Action and East Bay Activist Alliance invite you to Karaoke for a Cause

Neighbors for Progressive Action and East Bay Activist Alliance invite you to Karaoke for a Cause on Saturday, September 24, 7–9:00 PM.

Let your voice be heard! Sing for Democracy! No talent required!

Because the Congressional races in the Central Valley are key to keeping the House, this event and other actions will continue to support Central Valley Matters, an umbrella that supports local grassroots organizations who register, educate, and motivate voters, especially among underserved populations. Delano Guardians, Dolores Huerta Action Fund, Valley Voices, and Valley Forward Action Fund are the beneficiaries of our Central Valley Matters initiative.

This event will be held outdoors in a Redwood Heights Home in Oakland (address given with RSVP). Donation: $35.00. RSVP

Collage of "vote" postcard images

Postcards are always on the buffet. Please email us for our current campaign’s addresses and script.

A vintage-style illustration of a woman talking on a wall-mounted yellow rotary telephone


Call voters for Rudy Salas for Congress, CD-22 and Democrats up and down the ballot. Phonebank lists and scripts will be available in both Spanish and English language. These phonebanks are available every day, at various times. Help send opponent Valadao home!

Team Harder hosts a Virtual Phone Bank on Tuesdays and Thursday from 6-8PM through August.

Elections in Nevada and Arizona feature MAGA Republicans running for governor and Secretary of State. These races are all toss-ups. Yikes! Here’s how you can lend a hand.

Arizona phonebanks happen on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at various times. (AZ time is currently the same as CA time.) Volunteers will help Mission for Arizona unite Democrats across the state to reelect Senator Mark Kelly and Democrats up and down the ticket.

Nevada phonebanks Tuesdays from 5–7PM, join the Nevada Democratic Victory Distributed Team making calls to Nevada Voters supporting Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto.

From our Allies

Help Hold the House — California Edition, with names of California congressional candidates in tight races

From our pals at TWW Albany-Berkeley: “At Your Service” Silent Auction, September 7 through 11, will raise funds for Democrats in the seven California congressional races via the Blue House CA Fund. Spread the word and let’s keep the House of Representatives Blue!

If you would like to contribute to the auction, sign up here. Shoppers, email TWWAB for the link (TBA).

And don’t forget to stroll by their Democracy is Delicious Bake Sale from 9:30AM to 1:30PM on Saturday, September 3, at El Cerrito Plaza, near Yammy Sushi and Trader Joe's.

Rocky Mountains and mountain lake

Melanie Schoenberg, one of our Original Superstars from the way-back machine (2017) moved to CO. She contacted us recently, extending an invitation to host volunteers who want to canvass Colorado.

Her neighboring congressional districts are two of the leading swing districts in the country. Winning them, says Melanie, is both achievable and meaningful. Both are newly drawn districts, and one is newly formed. Neither have incumbent representatives, which leaves an open field for both Democratic candidates, Yadira Caraveo and Brittany Pettersen. Both women have state legislature experience.

And up ballot, preserving the Blue Colorado Senate, Governorship, and Secretary of State seats are critical in this key swing state.

If you predict a canvassing excursion to Colorado in your future, please contact Melanie directly.

Learn more here:

Meanwhile, back in the East Bay, we’ll be fighting for a Blue Wave once again. But now, our mission has become even more crucial – this time around, we are actually fighting for democracy itself.

Take care and please, deal in.

With thanks, and best wishes for your courage and well-being,

Your Steering Committee

(Peggy Scott, newsletter editor)

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