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It’s easy to phonebank with us!

Campaigns find this kind of direct and personal action highly valuable, because they muster support on the ground.


Voting rights organizations need our help to locate citizens who may have been purged from the voting rolls, to alert them to please check on their registration.

Advocacy campaigns need support reaching like-minded Americans to urge Congress to strengthen our democracy with much-needed reforms.

EBAA offers ongoing opportunities to phonebank for our candidates and for campaigns aligned with our values. 

  • Early in the election cycle, phonebanking helps campaigns to identify supporters even as it  cleans contact lists in preparation for GOTV efforts. Approximately one minute calling saves 10 minutes walking to non-supporters’ doors. (Source: Sister District, 2018).

  • Effective phonebanking can increase voter turnout among key segments by at least 7%, which is enough to swing most close elections (Source: CallHub and Organizing for Change, 2019).

  • Early calls help identify voters and alert local activists to start working for their local candidate before sending door-to-door canvassers. 

  • In later rounds, calling voters can help cut through opposition advertising, answer questions about a candidate, and encourage voting for them. 


Ultimately, phonebanking can turn races that are won or lost at the margins. In 2019, EBAA (and other groups) ran phonebanks and canvassed for Nancy Guy in Virginia, who won her race by exactly 41 votes. That’s why we’re making calls for her again this year!

Get Involved

All of our phonebanks are on Zoom this year. When you RSVP for a specific phonebank, we will send you an email beforehand, telling you what else you might need to prepare. For many of our phonebanks, you will need an Open Virtual Phone Bank (Open VPB) account which you can register for now to save yourself time on the day of the event.

Please be ready to phonebank with your own equipment, which should include

  • A computer or tablet

  • A phone to make calls on

  • Headphones if you use them

  • Any charging equipment you may need to keep going for the duration of the phonebank


We look forward to supporting you, answering your questions and get you calling. Please email us at any time HERE

Phonebanks and other related events are posted on our Facebook page and Twitter, and are listed in our latest newsletter.

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