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North Carolina?

North Carolina has 15 electoral votes, some very close State House races, plus one of the closest U.S. Senate races in the country, which hopefully will topple incumbent Republican Sen. Thom Tillis. Rife with voter suppression, particularly among people of color, North Carolina has many opportunities to support voting rights.

North Carolina 2020 Candidates

Dr. Kimberly Hardy

Dr. Kimberly Hardy for NC House District 43: Professor of social work, her commitment is to fair redistricting and the right to vote, affordable health care, clean water, plus she’s a Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate.

NC Kimberly Hardy NC.jpg
NC Virginia C-D from website.png

Dr. Virginia Cox-Daugherty

Dr. Virginia Cox-Daugherty for NC House District 12: retired educator and school administrator, she is pro-choice, pro-Medicaid expansion and will work for education via increased resources for students and teacher pay. She will reach out to low propensity voters, particularly in her large African-American community.

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