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to our Candidates

East Bay Activist Alliance does not raise money for itself, only for the campaigns we
support or for non-profit organizations that we work with.

We support campaigns via ActBlue, a nonprofit platform that enables Democrats,
progressive groups, and nonprofits to raise funds using their online using their
online fundraising software.

These are the ActBlue links for our 2020 campaigns


You can donate directly to our three Michigan state legislature candidates, Padma Kuppa, Laurie Pohutsky and Julia Pulver, and learn more about them.

These races roll up to contested Congressional seats, a tough Senate race, and the presidency. With GOP money flooding MI’s down-ballot races, they need early money to launch effective campaigns and engage more voters.

You can donate directly to our two North Carolina state legislature candidates Dr. Kimberly Hardy and Dr. Virginia Cox-Daugherty and learn more about them.

North Carolina


You can donate directly to Coral Evans our Arizona state legislature candidate and learn more about her.

Voting Rights Organizations

Reclaim Our Vote, our partner in voting rights and re-enfranchisement.

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