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Arizona has 11 electoral votes, a close Senate race (Astronaut Mark Kelly) and is a possible State House flip from red to blue.

Arizona 2020 Candidates

Coral Evans

Coral Evans, the Mayor of Flagstaff, is running for the House seat in AZ Legislative District 6. She is devoted to quality education, advocating for putting more money into classrooms from pre-k through college and providing affordable childcare, plus increasing teacher pay. She pledges to invest in conservation and protective measures for the environment by safeguarding public lands and wild spaces, and by promoting healthy forests in northern Arizona. She will stand up for Northern Arizona– her towns, cities, and voters-- by investing in and growing locally owned businesses and affordable housing, and wresting back local control from the state.

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Felicia French Nursing Headshot (1).jpeg

Felicia French

Felicia French, candidate for State Senate in AZ Legislative District 6, is a retired 32-year U.S. Army Colonel, Medevac helicopter pilot, nurse, educator, and proud mom. She is running for the Arizona Senate to improve public education, expand access to quality healthcare, and make the state's government more accountable to Northern Arizona's rural communities.

She recently spent a month as a COVID-19 relief nurse on the Navajo Nation. Her motivation, at least in part, was due to the fact that Arizona’s native communities are particularly vulnerable to more severe COVID-19 infections, due to years of exposure to toxic contamination of the air, water, and soil, and systemic underfunding of the Indian Health Service.

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