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The East Bay Activist Alliance (EBAA) is composed of volunteer activists and organizations in San Francisco's East Bay. We feel fortunate to live in an area whose bounty includes natural beauty, a renowned university, a thriving economy, a civically engaged true blue community, and progressive leadership at both the state and local levels. The stark contrast between our good fortune and that of many Americans in red states was made plain in the 2016 Presidential election. EBAA began as a way to support our neighbors in other states where the political leadership does not reflect the values and needs of those people.


We support strategic state legislative campaigns in key swing states, with the aim of flipping statehouses blue. When Democrats gain control in state legislatures, a progressive majority can promote important initiatives such as gun safety legislation, increased funding for education, and better healthcare policy. Democrats can also protect voting rights and fight gerrymandering, which is especially important now, given the redistricting that will occur in 2021.

Using our large network of volunteers, we support our selected candidates by organizing and providing peoplepower for phonebanks, textbanks, postcarding, and canvassing, and by raising funds.

Our impact extends to important state campaigns such as state propositions and judicial elections, and can influence federal election outcomes such as U.S. House and Senate races and of course the presidential election. In this critical election year, our hard work can make a difference in elections at all levels.

Our Membership

EBAA is composed of both groups and individuals. EBAA holds an annual membership meeting to review our principles and determine which campaigns and causes to support that year. Currently, EBAA boasts almost 2,000 individual members and we work with local, regional, and national groups such as Sister District Project, Indivisible, Swing Left, and Flip the West.

Our Values

Supporting high impact races that have a path to victory, using a data-driven approach

Working for fair and democratic representation, such as putting an end to gerrymandering, protecting and expanding voting rights, and doing voter registration drives 

Being of service to candidates, campaigns, and organizations, while collaborating with and relying upon the wisdom of their local leadership 

Helping to enfranchise communities of color and other marginalized groups who often encounter voter suppression tactics

As an organization, engage in a transparent decision-making process that includes input from active volunteers

Supporting local political activists and groups as well as developing the skills and leadership potential of volunteers 

Our Strategic Principles 

EBAA adopted the following principles to ensure we support the most strategic swing districts in the nation. We work in communities where our participation will: 

  • Increase democratic activism at all levels 

  • Ensure all votes can be cast and are treated equally

  • Make a strategic difference

  • Impact a significant number of electoral college votes 

  • Contribute to a path to victory for both our campaigns, for a Democratic majority in state legislatures, and for up-ballot national elections


Track Record

EBAA contributed to the blue wave that rolled over the critical states of Virginia and Michigan.

After two campaign cycles in Virginia, Democrats control the Governor’s seat and both state houses, for the first time in 25 years.

In Michigan, inroads made in state legislative races in 2018 make flipping the state House of Representatives a real possibility in 2020.

2019 Virginia

2 State House races

1 State Senate race

  • $62,000 raised

  • 33 canvassers knocked 13,000 doors

  • 22,000 phone calls

  • 12,300 texts (all requested)

  • 3,500 postcards (all requested)

  • Two election victories (one by exactly 40 votes)!

2018 Michigan

1 State House race

1 State Senate race

1 Congressional race

  • $53,000 raised

  • 30 canvassers knocked 7,000 doors (plus 10 more canvassers for Congressional race)

  • 18,000 phone calls

  • 200,000 texts

  • 20,000 postcards

  • Three election victories!

2017 Virginia

2 State House races

  • $6,000 raised

  • 20 canvassers knocked 3,000 doors

  • 10,000 phone calls

  • 16,000 texts

  • 6,000 postcards

  • Two election victories!

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