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2022 Strategy
Hold the
US House
and Senate


Members will hear from us during the spring as our ideas and plans develop. If you are not already a member, please join!

In 2022 the US House & Senate races will be crucial. EBAA will boost support for Democratic candidates by investing our time and resources at the grassroots, local, and state levels. 

We will

  • Back specific US House races in the
    San Joaquin Valley

  • Consider supporting specific key
    US House and Senate races in CA and NV

  • Support grassroots organizations doing
    voter registration and engagement

  • Promote all the fair redistricting and voting rights activities we can


In swing states we will focus our work where we can impact

  • Statewide races for Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General

  • US House and Senate races, plus state house and senate races

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