Our 2020 Priorities

In 2020, EBAA will support at least six state legislative campaigns in Michigan, North Carolina, and Arizona. Successful races in these states will help Democrats secure needed electoral votes for a Democratic presidential victory, flip or hold a U.S. Senate seat, and flip or make inroads towards a blue State House. EBAA also works with aligned organizations that fight voter suppression, protect voting rights, increase voter registration and encourage GOTV efforts in key swing states, in addition to our three priority states.

EBAA’s 2020 goals for each supported race

  • Fundraising $10,000 per candidate

  • Phonebanking 10,000 phone calls

  • Textbanking coordination + unlimited texts

  • Postcarding coordination + 10,000 cards

  • Canvassing 10 GOTV volunteers 

  • Campaign Internships 1 student or volunteer for at least 3 weeks


North Carolina


Voting Rights

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